In addition to evaluation and research projects commissioned by social organisations, federal institutions, cantonal administrations and local authorities, the Social Work division also undertakes projects financed by the Swiss National Fund and DORE research sponsorship.

To facilitate the targeted processing of commissions, we supplement our own know how by means of cooperation and information exchange with various internal and external partners.

Our services are employed by the following institutions:

Federal institutions

  • Federal Social Insurance Office 
  • Federal Office of Justice
  • Swiss Federal Statistical Office
  • Federal Office of Public Health
  • Federal Office of Housing
  • State Secretariat for Migration
  • State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Cantonal administrations and local authorities

  • Education Directorate of the Canton of Bern
  • Health and Welfare Directorate of the Canton of Bern 
  • Office for Youth of the Canton of Bern
  • Health Directorate of the Canton of Zurich
  • The Canton of Waadt
  • The Canton of Aargau
  • Basel City Education Department
  • Basel City Social Services
  • Basel City Health Services
  • Basel City Directorate for Education, Social Services and Sport
  • Binningen Municipal Social Office
  • Zurich City Health and Environmental Department
  • Zurich City Social Department
  • Burgdorf local authority
  • Ostermundigen local authority
  • Steffisburg local authority
  • Stettlen local authority
  • Vechigen local authority
  • Matten local authority
  • Burgdorf Social Directorate
  • Conference of Social Care Directors
  • Social Policy City Initiative
  • Solothurn Cantonal Office for Vocational Training, Secondary and Tertiary Education
  • Bern Cantonal Road Traffic and Shipping Office
  • Kriens primary school
  • Zurich Cantonal Office for Youth and Vocational Counselling
  • Aargau Cantonal Health Department 
  • Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein

Private organisations

  • Swiss Farmers' Association
  • Swiss Association for the Blind
  • Pro Senectute
  • Integras
  • Stettlen-Vechigen Open Youth Welfare
  • Swiss Health Support Organisation
  • Helsana Versicherungen
  • Pro Infirmis
  • Curaviva, Canton of Zurich
  • Spitex, Canton of Aargau
  • Association of Swiss physicians FMH
  • Swiss Conference on Social Welfare SKOS
  • Child Protection Fund (Oak Foundation) 
  • Mercator Foundation
  • UBS Optimus Foundation

Research sponsorship

  • DORE
  • SNF
  • COST-Action
  • KTI