Continuing Education

The field of social work provides many opportunities for further education. The programmes and courses are needs-orientated and are characterised by considerable practical relevance. They promote professional development and specialisation, lead to the acquirement of higher qualifications and extend the horizon beyond the familiar environment. Customised further education options are being developed for social services and companies.

Social intervention

Social workers intervene when individuals or groups find themselves in difficult life situations which they cannot manage themselves. Specialists in social work are trained to plan, perform and evaluate appropriate intervention using an extensive repertoire of methods. Techniques for structuring social relationships and solving conflicts are also used in many other professions. Bern University of Applied Sciences provides effective special training programmes for specialists and leaders in consulting, mediation, conflict management and case management.

Social organisation

The forms of social work are strongly determined by the institutional nature of the organisations involved. This determines much of the impact. The search for an optimal form of organisation is therefore much more than a search for efficiency. We focus on the link between institutional structures and professional efficacy. We offer organisational consulting and further education on issues of strategic and operational management for sponsors, political organisations and authorities. The Quality Management Competence Centre supplements the programme with interdisciplinary study programmes and courses on the fundamentals of quality management in the social and health sector.

Social security

Social work is still closely concerned with questions of providing people with a stable basis within society and thus with questions of social stability. The main aim of social welfare is to ensure social and economic integration. Social authorities are responsible for supervising and supporting the social welfare services. They are responsible for social planning at municipality level and play an important role in the design of social services. Our programmes are designed to help authorities, managers and specialists tasked with organisation and leadership. In addition, further education programmes in the field of social policy are being planned.

Socialisation and resocialisation

Families, schools and the social sector are the primary social structures in our society. They depend on support in the form of consultation and intervention in order to perform their important functions. The Division of Social Work has assumed its socio-political responsibility in this area and thus offers further education in the field of child protection, social work in schools and work with families.
We place the spotlight on people who require support or care due to physical, birth- or age-related problems as well as criminal offenders who require help with re-integration into society. We offer various courses and programmes in the fields of adult protection, victim support and work with offenders.

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