Students and staff of the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH receive a BFHcard. The BFHcard is a student and staff ID card and features a wide range of useful additional functions. The card in credit-card format is handed to BFH associates in person. Students receive the card on commencement of their studies.

The BFHcard is a multifunctional card that can be used for a wide range of applications. It should be borne in mind that different functions are available depending on the location.

Proof of identity

Students and staff can use the BFHcard as an ID card and to benefit from special offers.


The BFHcard can be used as library ID in the BFH libraries and the Swiss library network (e.g. Nebis and libraries within the IDS Basel Bern library network). You need to have a user account to borrow, order and reserve books. You can open a user account online by registering through one of the library catalogues (registration forms: NEBIS, for HKB Music Library and the multi-media sports library: IDS Basel Bern) or on site. Registration is free in all libraries. To activate your account and scan your BFHcard for use as library ID, please contact your library directly. Any loss of your BFHcard should be reported to the library separately.

Means of payment

Once it has been loaded with cash, the BFHcard can be employed as a means of cashless payment for goods and services at designated devices. It is currently not yet possible to use the card to pay in canteens or purchase items from snack machines; this will be introduced gradually on a location-by-location basis. The BFHcard can be used to make printouts and copies at public multi-function devices. Rates:

FormatRates (CHF)
A4 b/w single-sided0.12
A4 b/w double-sided0.20 / 0.24*
A4 colour single-sided0.30
A4 colour double-sided0.50 / 0.60*
A3 b/w single-sided0.20
A3 b/w double-sided0.35 / 0.40
A3 colour single-sided0.50
A3 colour double-sided0.80 / 1.-

* For technical reasons, certain multi-functional devices automatically charge for two single-sided copies when making a double-sided copy (e.g: 2 x CHF 0.12 for A4 b/w double-sided). The devices in question do not permit a single charge for a double-sided copy.

Building access

The BFHcard grants out-of-hours access to BFH buildings, premises and parking areas with electronic access control. Access is determined by the holder’s personal authorisations.