Social Work

The Bachelor degree programme at Bern University of Applied Sciences prepares students for employment in all the professional fields of social work (social work, social pedagogy and sociocultural animation). Students are provided with the skills they need to use the instruments of social work in all fields of action (e.g. social welfare, family and youth welfare, penal system, assisted living, supervision of local and cultural meeting points, immigration).

The degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences is characterised by its practical relevance: skills, abilities and attitudes (competencies) are developed and advanced not only at university but also through work in practice-oriented organisations.

At Bern University of Applied Sciences, we focus on the development of personal and social competence, as strong personalities are in demand in social work.

The benefits of taking a degree programme at BFH:

  • A diversified study course thanks to the use of differing didactic approaches in the modules
  • Supervised internships with a duration of 5 - 6 months in practice-oriented organisations 
  • Coaching for the development of personal and social competence
  • Foreign-language seminars and international study trips
  • Opportunity to gain experience abroad
  • Flexible degree programme planning and a high degree of planning reliability for full-time and part-time students

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