Outgoing Students

Study or internship semesters abroad have the purpose of providing students with extension and specialisation of their academic and practical abilities in an international and foreign language context, hence enhancing their transcultural skills. As a specialist for social work, even if you are working within Switzerland, you will be increasingly confronted with transnationalisation processes that mean a greater diversity of clients and social problems and the necessity to acquire transcultural skills.

The regular degree programmes provide for a study or internship semester abroad or in another language region of Switzerland on completion of the first course year at the earliest. Study semesters abroad are preferably organised in cooperation with partner universities; however, students may also independently contact potential guest universities and seek out internships abroad.

Students of the Division of Social Work can obtain more information on this aspect from the degree programme portal.

A study semester abroad provides opportunities for experiencing other forms of social work, gaining practical experience and learning a foreign language, depending on the guest country. The acquisition of transcultural skills is an important learning aspect. This should provide you with more insight into the variety of languages, cultures and political and economic conditions obtaining abroad and in this country and ensure that you are able to work within a multicultural context.

The modular structure of the programmes at Bern University of Applied Sciences makes it possible to complete specific modules that are not available abroad either in advance or at a later stage. All credits obtained abroad (ECTS credits) are recognised. We provide our students with the opportunity for individual counselling in which we can provide information on equivalence of academic achievements and help them plan their study programme.

Within Europe, student exchanges take place in the context of the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport, Erasmus+. Since the academic year 2014/15, the grants for incoming and outgoing students are being paid by Switzerland in the framework of the «Swiss European Mobility Programme» (SEMP). However, procedures and conditions remain the same.