Transnational Networks in Social Work

Processes of transnationalization pose new challenges to professionals in social work. National borders are growing increasingly porous allowing new perspectives on how social problems are related across borders and how they can be addressed.

The Social Work department was hosting an transnational conference on the subject in Berne  on March 7th + 8th 2011.

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Transnational Networks in Social Work, 7-8 March, 2011
The conference aimed to highlight cross-border linkages in the sense of transnational networks in social work and at the same time to contribute to the development of the discipline.
Professionals working in research and practice of social work were not only invited to share their experiences from current day to day, professional and scientific networks. They were also - in a process of collaborative knowledge production - asked to develop new approaches to the question of how transnational networks can benefit the main objectives of social work.

Further information about the keynote lectures:

Professor Franz Hamburger (University of Mainz) shed light on aspects of international social work

Eberhard Raithelhuber (University of Hildesheim) elaborated on current processes of transnationalization

Professor Anette Kniephoff-Knebel (University of Applied Sciences of Koblenz) present new opportunities for cross-border networks in social work

Professor Walter A. Lorenz (Free University of Bozen) and Klaus K├╝hne (University of Applied Sciences, Bern) closed the conference by summarizing relevant aspects and highlighting their importance for social work.