The importance of an international outlook

  • Immigration and emigration with their positive and negative side effects and increasing economic, political, legal, cultural and ecological interconnections on a global scale make it impossible to limit the scope of social work to national borders.
    However, most social services are still based on a national framework. International comparisons are therefore one of the most useful instruments for gaining insights into the Swiss social services. 
  • The academic theories relevant to social work have long been developed on the basis of international cooperation.
  • The vast amount of material that militates against any tendency towards cultural and political isolationism means that the international
    viewpoint represents an optimal cross-sectional approach for the Division for Social Work. Such an international approach is deemed appropriate for all related issues while specialists are expected to focus on the international elements of their field of specialisation. There are no separate specialists for "international issues" and a specific, national focus is seen as an exception that needs to be justified.  

This is the essential driving force behind our range of services and all our activities. Study tours, exchange semesters in the form of corporate internships or at a university, foreign language modules and examinations, globalisation aspects in all projects, international comparisons as the preferred educational tool and specific courses to prepare graduates to work in an internationally-orientated environment. We cooperate in education and research with universities all over the world.

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